Antiviral Therapy Volume 24: Personal subscription (Print and online)
Antiviral Therapy Volume 24: Personal subscription (Print and online)
Douglas D Richman
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Several journals now deal exclusively with the chemistry, design and pre-clinical development of antiviral agents. Previously, however, publications concerning clinical aspects of antiviral therapy have been dispersed among a wide range of different journals, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of this mutidisciplinary field.

Antiviral Therapy (an official publication of the International Society of Antiviral Research) is the first international journal soley devoted to the clinical development and use of anitviral agents. It publishes original scientific papers in all therapeutic areas, including:

? results of clincal studies in all phases ? viral diagnostics and individualization of antiviral therapy ? study design issues in the clinical assessment of antivirals ? antiviral drug safety and safety monitoring ? mechanisms of resistance to antiviral agents ? pharmacoepidemiology of viral diseases

Antiviral Therapy also features review articles, editorials, book reviews and a letters section to provide a forum for discussion.

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