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Hepatitis B Virus Second Edition
Hepatitis B Virus Second Edition
CL Lai and S Locarnini
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The second edition of Hepatitis B Virus provides a clear, up-to-date analysis of current knowledge and progress in the field. New chapters cover emergence and patterns of drug resistance, innate immunity, resistance testing in clinical management, and co-infections. The entire text is fully updated to include the latest advancements since the 2002 publication of our first edition, which was described as "one-stop shopping for those seeking a concise but up-to-date overview of the field..." (Don Ganem, Professor of Microbiology and Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California).

Second Edition Table of Contents (352pp)

Discovery & Classification
CL Lai & Danny Ka-Ho Wong
The Natural History of Chronic Hepatitis B
CL Lai, Man-Fung Yuen
Structural & Molecular Virology
Michael Kann
HBV Infection & Immunosuppression
George K.K. Lau
Functional Significance of Naturally Occurring HBV Variants
Chiaho Shih
HBV and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Michael C. Kew
In Vitro Model Systems for Studying HBV Replication
Harriet C. Isom, William Delaney IV
Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B
CL Lai, Man-Fung Yuen
Animal Models for Studying HBV Replication
Fabien Zoulim
Emergence & Patterns of HBV Drug Resistance *
Angeline Bartholomeusz, Stephen Locarnini
Pathogenesis of Hepadnavirus Infections
Allison Jilbert, Samuel Litwin, William Mason
HBV Resistance Testing in Clinical Management*
Tim Shaw, Stephen Locarnini
Innate Immunity & HBV*
Kumar Visvanathan
Chloe Thio
Epidemiology & Prevention of HBV Infection
Jules Dienstag
HBV in the Community and the Workplace
Brian McMahon
Histopathology of HBV Infection
Zachary Goodman
HBV Replication
Allison R. Jilbert, William S. Mason, Michael Kann
Laboratory Diagnosis of HBV Infection
Scott Bowden

*new chapter for second edition

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