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Reducing cardiovascular risk in RA: current and future perspectives
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International Medical Press is delighted to bring you this webcast of the EACCME-accredited EULAR 2013 symposium: Reducing cardiovascular risk in RA: current and future perspectives. Chaired by Professor Ernest Choy, this symposium brings together an esteemed faculty of internationally renowned experts to review the pathophysiology, manifestation and management of cardiovascular disease (cardiovascular risk factors) in RA patients. This webcast includes presentations from Professors Ernest Choy and Michael Nurmohamed, and Drs Miguel Ángel González-Gay and Anne Grete Semb.

The webcast has been submitted to EACCME for consideration as an e-learning course and is now live. Please click here to view the e-learning course.

Professor Ernest Choy
CVD in RA: the role of cytokines and systemic inflammation

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Professor Michael Nurmohamed
Inflammation and lipids, their roles as CV risk factors in RA

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Dr Miguel Ángel González-Gay
RA patients and CVD: assessing risk and improving outcomes

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Dr Anne Grete Semb
Managing CVD in patients with RA: special considerations

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All speakers
Panel discussion

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