12th International Congress on Obesity


17:30–19:00, 18 March 2014; Conference Hall 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chair: Arne Astrup, Copenhagen, Denmark

Obesity rates continue to rise around the world. In many countries, and over the course of just a few decades, excess body weight has replaced under-nutrition as a leading cause of disease, disability and death. Despite the major challenges posed to health, healthcare systems and society, responses to the global obesity epidemic are often fragmented and uncoordinated. By classifying obesity as a disease, the American Medical Association provoked considerable controversy and raised questions about who is responsible for tackling the issue of obesity.

In this interactive symposium we will consider the need for integrated strategies in order to achieve effective weight management. Nick Finer (London, UK) will consider the arguments for and against classifying obesity as a disease, the implications for medical management and the need to integrate medical strategies alongside public health and psychosocial interventions. When assessing the burden of obesity and the effectiveness of interventions, it is important to take into account not only morbidity and mortality but also the impact on quality-of-life. Ronette Kolotkin (Raleigh-Durham, USA) will review quality-of-life assessment in obesity studies and how the results can be used to inform evidence-based clinical decision-making. In practice, the management of overweight/obesity is often not evidence-based. The many assumptions and myths that surround obesity and its management will be examined by Arne Astrup (Copenhagen, Denmark), with the aim of identifying the facts that can guide the implementation of coordinated and tailored strategies for weight management.


17:30–17:35 Introduction and welcome Arne Astrup,
17:35–18:00 What’s in a name? Obesity – risk factor, disorder or disease Nick Finer,
18:00–18:25 Assessing the impact of obesity on quality of life Ronette Kolotkin,
18:25–18:50 Tailored interventions for weight control:
what can we learn from the evidence?
Arne Astrup,
18:50–19:00 Group questions and closing remarks All