3rd World Congress on Interventional Therapies in Type 2 Diabetes & 2nd Diabetes
Surgery Summit


What works?

15:30–17:00 Tuesday 29 September 2015, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London, London, UK

Chair: Nicholas Finer, University College London Hospitals, London, UK

Control of excess body weight in people with type 2 diabetes improves a range of cardiometabolic risk factors and can positively impact clinical outcomes. However, most efforts at long-term weight control are unsuccessful and managing body weight is particularly challenging in people with diabetes. This symposium will investigate the relationship between body weight, weight loss and improvements in type 2 diabetes. Pharmacological approaches to weight control will be considered, and their use in multicomponent strategies for managing type 2 diabetes considered with the aim of identifying the optimal intervention in different clinical scenarios.

Learning objectives

  • Provide physicians with an understanding of the mechanisms underlying failure of long-term weight control
  • Enable physicians to implement strategies to counter weight regain and promote long-term weight control


15:30–15:35 Welcome and introduction Nicholas Finer, UK
15:35–15:55 How does medical weight loss ameliorate
type 2 diabetes
Mike Lean, UK
15:55–16:15 Newer pharmacotherapies for diabetes and
weight loss
Clifford Bailey
16:15–16:35 Integrating pharmacological weight control in multi-component management of type 2 diabetes Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
16:35–16:55 Managing complex obesity in type 2 diabetes: which intervention and when? All faculty
16:55–17:00 Summary and closing remarks Nicholas Finer, UK