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Comparison of the Abbott RealTime HCV and Roche COBAS Ampliprep/COBAS TaqMan HCV assays for the monitoring of sofosbuvir-based therapy

Eiichi Ogawa, Norihiro Furusyo, Masayuki Murata, Motohiro Shimizu, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Taeko Hotta, Takeshi Uchiumi, Jun Hayashi

Corresponding author name: Eiichi Ogawa
Corresponding author e-mail: eogawa@gim.med.kyushu-u.ac.jp

Citation: Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:61-70
doi: 10.3851/IMP3085

Date accepted: 07 September 2016
Date published online: 15 September 2016


Background: On-treatment HCV kinetics play an invaluable role in evaluating the efficacy of interferon-based therapies. However, the importance of HCV RNA monitoring has not been well discussed concerning treatment with sofosbuvir (SOF)-based regimens, especially for the utility of the Abbott RealTime HCV (ART) assay.

Methods: This study consisted of 151 patients infected with HCV genotype-1 or -2, including patients with prior treatment-experience or cirrhosis. HCV genotype-1 patients were treated with SOF/ledipasvir and genotype-2 patients with SOF/ribavirin, both for 12 weeks. Serial measurements of HCV RNA were performed with both the ART and COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan v2.0 (CAP/CTM) assays simultaneously at weeks 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 of treatment.

Results: The rates of HCV RNA target not detected (TND) by ART were significantly lower than those by CAP/CTM between weeks 2 and 12 (end of treatment [EOT]), irrespective of prior treatment-experience or cirrhosis. 11 (11.6%) genotype-1 and 8 (14.3%) genotype-2 patients did not achieve HCV RNA TND by ART at EOT, in contrast to all having HCV RNA TND by CAP/CTM; however, all achieved sustained virological response. The time at which HCV RNA became TND or unquantifiable was not associated with treatment outcome by either the ART or CAP/CTM assay.

Conclusions: Over 10% of the patients continued to have detectable HCV RNA by ART at EOT, irrespective of HCV genotype, prior treatment-experience and/or cirrhosis. However, prolonged residual HCV RNA was not associated with treatment failure.


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