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Inhibitory effects of indigowoad root polysaccharides on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication in vitro

Zhan-Yong Wei, Xue-Bing Wang, Hong-Ying Zhang, Chun-Hua Yang, Ya-Bin Wang, Duan-Hong Xu, Hong-Ying Chen, Bao-An Cui

Corresponding author name: Bao-An Cui
Corresponding author e-mail: baoancui@henau.edu.cn

Citation: Antiviral Therapy 2011; 16:357-363
doi: 10.3851/IMP1755

Date accepted: 04 September 2010
Date published online: 16 March 2011


Background: Indigowoad root polysaccharide (IRPS) is a natural polysaccharide isolated from the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Radix Isatidis, and has many kinds of biological activities. However, the IRPS antiviral activity, especially the anti-porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) effect, has not been evaluated.

Methods: PRRSV was propagated in the MARC-145 cell line, and viral titre was determined by cytopathic effect and expressed as the 50% tissue culture infection dose (TCID50) in the current study. The cell cytotoxic effect of IRPS toward MARC-145 was evaluated by MTT assay firstly, then the inhibitory effects of IRPS on PRRSV replication in vitro were investigated by determining the effect of IRPS upon a single replicative cycle of PRRSV in MARC-145 cells. The effects of IRPS on viral RNA and protein synthesis in PRRSV-infected cells were investigated using real-time PCR and double-antibody (sandwich) ELISA.

Results: IRPS was able to effectively suppress the infectivity of the PRRSV in a dose-dependent manner, especially by adding IRPS during the PRRSV infection. IRPS could affect the attachment of PRRSV to MARC-145 cells, and also inhibit the viral RNA and protein synthesis.

Conclusions: IRPS has an antiviral effect on PRRSV replication in MARC-145 cells and might be useful in medical development for antiviral research. However, the precise mechanism of the host and viral targets of IRPS are unknown, so further studies should be conducted to investigate the precise mechanism of IRPS inhibitory effect on PRRSV infection.


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