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Additional files for manuscripts published before Volume 14 Issue 6 can be found via the abstract link.

Articles published electronically ahead of print and our archive from Volume 4 Issue 1 to Volume 22 Issue 2 can be found below. Articles published earlier will be made available as soon as possible. If you require an article that cannot be found below, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Workshop report

Ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030: Scientific Developments from the 2016 INTEREST Conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Catherine A Hankins, Sinata Koulla-Shiro, Peter Kilmarx, Guido Ferrari, Mauro Schechter, Coumba Touré Kane, François Venter, Charles AB Boucher, Anna-Laura Ross, Debrework Zewdie, Serge Paul Eholié, Elly Katabira

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:179-184

Short communication

Economic outcomes of influenza in hospitalized elderly with and without ICU admission

Yik-Kei Chan, Rity YK Wong, Margaret Ip, Nelson LS Lee, Joyce HS You

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:173-177

Short communication

Dolutegravir monotherapy as treatment de-escalation in HIV-infected adults with virological control: DoluMono cohort results

Celia Oldenbuettel, Eva Wolf, Ayla Ritter, Sebastian Noe, Silke Heldwein, Rita Pascucci, Carmen Wiese, Ariane Von Krosigk, Eva Jaegel-Guedes, Hans Jaeger, Annamaria Balogh, Christine Koegl, Christoph D Spinner

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:169-172

Short communication

Maraviroc ameliorates the increased adipose tissue macrophage recruitment induced by a high-fat diet in a mouse model of obesity

Patricia Pérez-Matute, José G Pichel, María Iñiguez, Emma Recio-Fernández, Laura Pérez-Martínez, Raquel Torrens, José Ramón Blanco, José Antonio Oteo

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:163-168

Original article

HIV infection rather than concurrent opportunistic infections drives most systemic procoagulant, vascular and damage responses – a prospective cohort study in central Africa

Saskia Janssen, Michaela AM Huson, Kara K Osbak, Elie-Gide Rossatanga, Abraham Alabi, René Lutter, Martin P Grobusch, Tom van der Poll

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:153-161

Original article

An open-label, randomized study of the impact on insulin sensitivity, lipid profile and vascular inflammation by treatment with lopinavir/ritonavir or raltegravir in HIV-negative male volunteers

Paul Randell, Akil Jackson, Ana Milinkovic, Marta Boffito, Graeme Moyle

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:145-151

Original article

Interchangeability between first-line generic antiretroviral products prequalified by WHO using adjusted indirect comparisons

Luther Gwaza, John Gordon, Jan Welink, Henrike Potthast, Hubert Leufkens, Matthias Stahl, Alfredo García-Arieta

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:135-144

Original article

Incidental findings on chest computed tomography are common and linked to inflammation in HIV-infected adults

Michelle S Park, Corrilynn O Hileman, Abdus Sattar, Robert Gilkeson, Grace A McComsey

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:127-133

Original article

Changes in plasma levels of oxidized lipoproteins and lipoprotein subfractions with atazanavir-, raltegravir-, darunavir-based initial antiviral therapy and associations with common carotid artery intima-media thickness: ACTG 5260s

Theodoros Kelesidis, Thuy Tien T Tran, Todd T Brown, Carlee Moser, Heather J Ribaudo, Michael P Dube, Otto O Yang, Grace A McComsey, James H Stein, Judith S Currier

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:113-126

Original article

HIV therapy with unknown HBV status is responsible for higher rate of HBV genome variability in Ethiopia

Yeshambel Belyhun, Melanie Maier, Uwe Gerd Liebert

Antiviral Therapy 2017; 22:97-111

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