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Antiviral Therapy publishes articles here before they are finally assigned to an issue. The articles are listed by online publication date and can be cited via a doi.
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Original article

MiRNA-26b downregulation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with hepatitis c associated lymphomas is restored by successful interferon-free antiviral therapy

Jan Peveling-Oberhag, Katrin Bankov, Georg Dultz, Olivier Ballo, Julian Lohmeyer, Uta Brunnberg, Vasile Marcu, Dirk Walter, Stefan Zeuzem, Martin-Leo Hansmann, Tania M Welzel, Johannes Vermehren



Generic substitution of antiretroviral agents: never a problem?

David Burger, Piter Oosterhof


Original article

Use of oseltamivir in lung transplant recipients with suspected or proven influenza infection: a 1-year observational study of outcomes and safety

Christoph Jungo, Stefan Russmann, Christian Benden, Macé M Schuurmans


Short communication

Efficacy and safety of dolutegravir plus boosted-darunavir dual therapy among highly treatment-experienced patients

Pilar Vizcarra, María Fontecha, Marta Monsalvo, María J Vivancos, Aurora Rojo, Jose L Casado


Original article

Performance assessment of a fully automated deep sequencing platform for HCV resistance testing

Christophe Rodriguez, Mélanie Mercier-Darty, Alexandre Soulier, Lila Poiteau, Mélanie Wlassow, Slim Fourati, Christophe Hézode, Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, Stéphane Chevaliez


Original article

Pre-treatment antiviral resistance in Australians with chronic hepatitis C: prevalence of NS3 and NS5A resistance data in the state of New South Wales

Adrian TL Ong, Enoch Tay, Dominic E Dwyer, Jacob George, Mark W Douglas


Original article

Vitamin D does not modulate immune-mediated bone loss during ART initiation

Michael T Yin, Ellen S Chan, Todd T Brown, Jennifer Kinslow, Jeffrey Martinson, Alan Landay, Kathleen M Melbourne, Heather J Ribaudo, Edgar T Overton, the A5280 Study Team


Original article

Perillyl alcohol and perillic acid exert efficient action upon HSV-1 maturation and release of infective virus

Camilly Pires Mello, Thereza Quirico-Santos, Lídia Fonte Amorim, Viveca Giongo Silva, Lucianne Madeira Fragel, David C Bloom, Izabel Palmer Paixão


Case report

Acute renal failure related to high doses of acyclovir (15 mg/kg/8 h) during treatment of varicella zoster virus encephalitis

Martin Martinot, Alexandre Klein, Karine Demesmay, Monica Groza, Mahsa Mohseni-Zadeh, Martine Tebacher-Alt, Samira Fafi-Kremer


Short communication

Lean mass declines consistently over 10 years in people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy, with patterns differing by sex

Paula Debroy, Jordan E Lake, Myung Sim, Kristine M Erlandson, Julian Falutz, Carla M Prado, Todd T Brown, Giovanni Guaraldi, the Modena HIV Metabolic Cohort Team


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