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Virological outcomes of EVG/COBI/FTC/TDF and EVG/COBI/FTC/TAF in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1-infected participants with baseline HIV-1 RNA ≥1,000,000 copies/ml: a post hoc analysis of Phase III clinical trials

Paul Sax, Edwin DeJesus, David Wohl, Jennifer DeMorin, Damian McColl, David Piontkowsky, Calvin Cohen, Hui Wang, Kirsten White, Christian Callebaut, Martin Rhee, Moupali Das, Erin Quirk

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:95-99

Short communication

Antibacterial effects of antiretrovirals, potential implications for microbiome studies in HIV

Mohaned Shilaih, Daniel C Angst, Alex Marzel, Sebastian Bonhoeffer, Huldrych F Günthard, Roger D Kouyos

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:91-94

Short communication

Decline and changing profile of hepatitis delta among injection drug users in Spain

Antonio Aguilera, Rocio Trastoy, Pablo Barreiro, José Javier Costa, Carmen de Mendoza, Jose M Peña, Vicente Soriano

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:87-90

Original article

The ultra-short virological dynamics in response to entecavir or lamivudine during chronic hepatitis B with spontaneous severe acute exacerbation

Teng-Yu Lee, Chi-Yi Chen, Hsueh-Chou Lia, Yu-Chung Hsu, Sheng-Shun Yang

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:77-85

Original article

Association of the S267F variant on NTCP gene and treatment response to pegylated interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis B: a multicentre study

Kessarin Thanapirom, Sirinporn Suksawatamnuay, Wattana Sukeepaisarnjaroen, Sombat Treeprasertsuk, Tawesak Tanwandee, Phunchai Charatcharoenwitthaya, Satawat Thongsawat, Apinya Leerapun, Teerha Piratvisuth, Rattana Boonsirichan, Chalermrat Bunchorntavakul, Chaowalit Pattanasirigool, Bubpha Pornthisarn, Supoj Tuntipanichteerakul, Ekawee Sripariwuth, Woramon Jeamsripong, Theeranun Sanpajit, Yong Poovorawan, Piyawat Komolmit

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:67-75

Original article

Pooled analysis of HCV genotype 1 resistance-associated substitutions in NS5A, NS3 and NS5B pre-and post-treatment with 12 weeks of daclatasvir, asunaprevir and beclabuvir

Fiona McPhee, Dennis Hernandez, Nannan Zhou, Joseph Ueland, Fei Yu, Vincent Vellucci, Xin Huang, Xuning Wang, Hiroki Ishikawa, Yoshiyasu Karino, Hiromitsu Kumada

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:53-66

Original article

Antiviral therapy reduces risk of haemorrhagic stroke in patients with HCV infection: a nationwide cohort study

Ming-Shyan Lin, Chang-Min Chung, Wey-Yil Lin, Kuo-Liang Wei, Jui Wang, Ying-Ying Lee, Jing-Hong Hu, Tao-Hsin Tung, Yu-Sheng Lin

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:43-52

Original article

Impacts of HBV rtH55R polymerase substitution on viral replication and rtM204I/V resistance to nucleoside/nucleotide antiviral drugs

Kuan-Hui Xiang, Cheng-Yu Zhao, Shuai Wang, Yao Li, Ming-Ze Su, Qiang-Yi Wang, Xi-Zhan Xu, Juan Deng, Hui Zhuang, Tong Li

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:33-42

Original article

Metabolic profiles of individuals switched to second-line antiretroviral therapy after failing standard first-line therapy for treatment of HIV-1 infection in a randomized, controlled trial

Amanda H Yao, Cecilia L Moore, Poh Lian Lim, Jean-Michel Molina, Juan Sierra Madero, Stephen Kerr, Paddy WG Mallon, Sean Emery, David A Cooper, Mark A Boyd, the SECOND-LINE study group

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:21-32

Original article

Muscle strength is impaired in men but not in women living with HIV taking antiretroviral therapy

Vitor HF Oliveira, Susana L Wiechmann, Argéria MS Narciso, Allison R Webel, Rafael Deminice

Antiviral Therapy 2018; 23:11-19

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