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Targeting obesity: educational symposia to advance management

One in every three adults in the world is now overweight or obese. Many of the people affected want to control their weight but, when they try to change their diet and take exercise, early reductions in body weight are mostly not maintained over time. Consequently, many people are left at increased risk of multiple obesity-related complications, as well as having impaired quality-of-life and reduced life expectancy. In this ongoing programme of symposia, we will consider the mechanisms through which weight is controlled and how they can be targeted to promote weight loss and prevent weight regain, and so improve outcomes for people who are affected by overweight or obesity. Visit the website for more information.




EULAR 2015 Overcoming barrier in SLE management: the patient at the heart of decision-making

13:00-14:30, 10 June 2015, Room B, Hall 10, Fiera Roma, Italy

Chaired by Professor David Isenberg, this EACCME-accredited interactive symposium aims to ensure alignment of patient needs with best practice for management of people with SLE. Faculty include Professor Marta Mosca, Professor Ian Bruce and Charlotte Franks. This symposium also includes a live discussion with a patient from Professor Isenberg’s clinic. 

A flyer is available for download.




EULAR 2014 The lipid paradox: understanding CV risk in RA
13:00-14:30, 11 June 2014, Ampithéâtre Bordeaux, Le Palais des Congrés de Paris, Paris, France

Professors Ernest Choy and Iain McInnes and Dr Christina Charles-Schoeman review the pathophysiology, manifestation and management of dyslipidaemia in RA patients at this EACCME-accredited symposium. A flyer is available for download.

To watch the webcast of our 2013 EULAR symposium ‘Reducing cardiovascular risk in RA: current and future perspectives’ through your computer or mobile device, please click here.



EULAR 2013 Reducing cardiovascular risk in RA: current and future perspectives
12 June 2013, Madrid, Spain

This EACCME-accredited educational symposium reviewed the pathophysiology, manifestations and management of CVD in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Chaired by Professor Ernest Choy, faculty include Professor Michael Nurmohamed, Dr Miguel González-Gay and Dr Anne Grete Semb.

New webcast available! To watch the webcast from this symposium through your computer or mobile device, please click here.

 EULAR 2012 Treating Beyond the Joint: Systemic Inflammation in Rheumatic Diseases
6 June 2012, Berlin, Germany
This EACCME-accredited symposium reviewed the pathophysiology, manifestations and management of systemic effects of inflammation in patients with rheumatic diseases. Chaired by Professor Ernest Choy, faculty included Professors Fabrizio de Benedetti, Tom Huizinga and Josef Smolen.



A sea of change: infectious disease in transplant medicine
6 May 2007, San Francisco, CA, USA
This CME-certified symposium for physicians, nurses and scientists discussed the changing epidemiology of infectious diseases in transplantation, methods for tailoring treatment to individual patients, and treatment and prophylactic strategies in the face of these new pathogenic challenges. This event was jointly sponsored by International Medical Press and the Institute for Medical and Nursing Education. This was not an official event of the American Transplant Congress.

CMV: the facts revealed
23 July 2006, Boston, MA, USA
A CME-certified symposium at the World Transplant Congress.


Viral entry inhibitors: revolutionizing the treatment of HIV
24 July 2005, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
A CME-certified symposium at the 3rd IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment.
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