Co-Morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV
2019 presentations

Please find below links to presentations that were presented at the 21st International Workshop on Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV.

Day 1


Session 1


  Mike McCune
  Chronic Inflammation and Co-morbidities in HIV Disease
  Sonia Zebachi
  Patterns of inflammation and comorbidity in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)   infection: a clustering analysis from the CARDAMONE study
  Eveline Verheij
  Colonic microbiota exhibits disparate associations with HIV-infection and sexual   practices
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  Davide De Francesco
  Higher anti-CMV IgG concentrations are not associated with longitudinal brain injury in   virally suppressed people with HIV
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Session 2


  Tolu Oni
  TB in the context of epidemiological transition and urbanisation
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  Flavia Matovu Kiweewa
  Bone mineral density changes in young African women initiating tenofovir disoproxil   fumarate based antiretroviral therapy and non-hormonal contraception
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  Rodrigo de Carvalho Moreira
  Association of current Estradiol use with carotid intimal media thickness among   transgender women: a cross-sectional study
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  Richard Osei-Yeboah
  An analysis of HIV and co-morbidity profiles for adults accessing health care in   Khayelitsha, South Africa
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Session 3


  Steven Deeks
  The impact of the reservoir during ART on health
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  Jennifer Gorwood
  Integrase inhibitors dolutegravir and raltegravir exert proadipogenic and profibrotic   effects and induce insulin resistance in adipose tissue and adipocytes
  Heidi Crane
  Dolutegravir-based regimens are associated with weight gain over two years following   ART-initiation in ART-naïve people
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  Sebastiaan Verboeket
  Switching to an integrase inhibitor containing antiretroviral regimen is not associated   with above-average weight gain in middle-aged people living with HIV on long-term   suppressive antiretroviral therapy, the AGEhIV cohort study
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  Jacqueline Capeau
  Impact of the reproductive/hormonal status on weight, fat and insulin resistance in   HIV-infected women switching from a PI regimen to dual raltegravir-etravirine therapy:   results from the ANRS163-ETRAL trial at 48 and 96 weeks
Day 2


Session 4


  Joan Albert Barberà
  Current views on the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension
  Sarath Raju
  Environmental Exposures are Associated with Increased Respiratory Morbidity among   Persons Living with HIV
  Puja Kohli
  HIV infection and smoking: functional PET imaging reveals early pulmonary perfusion   abnormalities
  Saurabh Aggarwal
  Cigarette Smoking disproportionately impairs nitric oxide signaling in pulmonary   endothelial cells in HIV: Role of viral and host factors
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Session 5


  Andrew Carr
  Changes in bone mineral density in men who have sex with men on tenofovir   disoproxil fumarate-based HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: longitudinal cohort data
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  Pilar Vizcarra
  Limitations of FRAX equation for predicting low bone mineral density or bone loss   progression among people living with HIV: the role of secondary causes of   osteoporosis
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  Graeme Moyle
  FRAX vs. Bone Mineral Density scan to predict osteoporosis in PLWH >50 years of   age
  Davide De Francesco
  Development and validation of a comorbidity index for people living with HIV and its   ability to predict frailty and mortality
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Session 6


  Catia Marzolini
  Polypharmacy, drug-drug interactions and prescribing errors in people living with HIV
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  Theodoros Kelesidis
  In vitro modeling of the therapeutic impact of statins and ApoA-I mimetics on   atherogenesis in chronic treated HIV
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  Franck Boccara
  Could coronary artery features during acute coronary syndrome predict major cardiac   events in people living with human immunodeficiency virus?
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  Edgar Turner Overton
  Risk factors for incident hypertension within one year of initiating antiretroviral therapy   (ART) among people with HIV
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Session 7


  Sudipa Sarkar
  The association of glycemic status and elevated depressive symptoms in the   Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
  Laurence Slama
  Risk for incident diabetes is greater in pre-diabetic nen with HIV than without HIV: The   Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study
  Karla I. Galaviz
  Comparing a risk score against physiological markers for predicting diabetes   incidence in HIV+ individuals
  Ken M. Kunisaki
  Restless legs syndrome and health-related quality of life in HIV: results from the   poppy sleep substudy
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