Co-Morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV
The Workshop

2020 Virtual Workshop
Many thanks for those that attended the 2020 Virtual Workshop. The webcasts for the event will be available soon.

2021 Workshop
The 23rd International Workshop on Comorbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV will take place in late October 2021. Date and format (virtual, face-to-face or hybrid) are currently being considered and more information will be available soon.

About the International Comorbidities Workshop
Since the first meeting in 1999, The International Workshop on Comorbidities & Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV has continued to distil and disseminate cutting-edge scientific data in the areas of metabolic complications, lipodystrophy and HIV co-morbidities. The Workshop is a key opportunity for scientists, physicians and community activists to exchange information about the latest scientific research and different therapeutic options. Its outputs also serve to stimulate wider discussion of comorbidities in HIV infection and further research. Learn about previous meetings.