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Additional files for manuscripts published before Volume 20 Issue 1 can be found via the abstract link.

Articles published early electronically and our archive from Volume 9 Issue 6 to Volume 23 Issue 6 can be found below. Earlier articles will be made available as soon as possible. If you require an article that cannot be found below, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Short communication

Inhibition of novel reassortant avian influenza H7N9 virus infection in vitro with three antiviral drugs, oseltamivir, peramivir and favipiravir

Rui-Yuan Cao, Jun-Hai Xiao, Bin Cao, Song Li, Yohichi Kumaki, Wu Zhong

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:237-240

Short communication

Myristoylated derivatives of 2′,3′-didehydro-2′,3′-dideoxythymidine (stavudine) bi-functional prodrugs with potent anti-HIV-1 activity and low cytotoxicity

Ramendra K Singh, Agnieszka Miazga, Aleksandra Dąbrowska, Andrzej Lipniacki, Andrzej Piasek, Tadeusz Kulikowski, David Shugar

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:231-235

Original article

Characterization of permeability, stability and anti-HIV-1 activity of decitabine and gemcitabine divalerate prodrugs

Christine L Clouser, Laurent Bonnac, Louis M Mansky, Steven E Patterson

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:223-230


Recent findings on the mechanisms involved in tenofovir resistance

Pinar Iyidogan, Karen S Anderson

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:217-222

Original article

Retinazone inhibits certain blood-borne human viruses including Ebola virus Zaire

Andreas J Kesel, Zhuhui Huang, Michael G Murray, Mark N Prichard, Laura Caboni, Daniel K Nevin, Darren Fayne, David G Lloyd, Mervi A Detorio, Raymond F Schinazi

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:197-215

Original article

Topical SMIP-7.7, a toll-like receptor 7 agonist, protects against genital herpes simplex virus type-2 disease in the guinea pig model of genital herpes

David I Bernstein, Rhonda D Cardin, Fernando J Bravo, Julie Earwood, Jennifer R Clark, Yongkai Li, Pranab Mishra, Chun Li, Bishnu P Nayak, Andrew T Miller, Tom Y-H Wu, Michael P Cooke, Nicholas M Valiante

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:189-196


Small molecule inhibitors of West Nile virus

Samia A Elseginy, Alberto Massarotti, Galal AM Nawwar, Kamilia M Amin, Andrea Brancale

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:179-187


The application of prophylactic antibodies for rhinovirus infections

Riccardo Privolizzi, Roberto Solari, Sebastian L Johnston, Gary R McLean

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:173-177

Original article

Antivirally active ribavirin analogues – 4,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazole nucleosides: biological evaluation against certain respiratory viruses and computational modelling

Anna Krajczyk, Katarzyna Kulinska, Tadeusz Kulinski, Brett L Hurst, Craig W Day, Donald F Smee, Tomasz Ostrowski, Piotr Januszczyk, Joanna Zeidler

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:161-171

Original article

Activity of a phenolic dibenzylsulfide against New World arenavirus infections

Brian B Gowen, Kie-Hoon Jung, Eric J Sefing, Min-Hui Wong, Jonna B Westover, Donald F Smee

Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy 2014; 23:151-159

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