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Additional files for manuscripts published before Volume 14 Issue 6 can be found via the abstract link.

Articles published electronically ahead of print and our archive from Volume 4 Issue 1 to Volume 19 Issue 5 can be found below. Articles published earlier will be made available as soon as possible. If you require an article that cannot be found below, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Case report

Telaprevir in a patient with chronic hepatitis C and cryoglobulinemic glomerulonephritis

Stella De Nicola, Alessio Aghemo, Maria Rosaria Campise, Roberta D’Ambrosio, Maria Grazia Rumi, Piergiorgio Messa, Massimo Colombo

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:527-531

Short communication

Tenofovir or zidovudine in second-line antiretroviral therapy after stavudine failure in southern Africa

Gilles Wandeler, Florian Gerber, Julia Rohr, Benjamin H Chi, Catherine Orrell, Cleophas Chimbetete, Hans Prozesky, Andrew Boulle, Christopher J Hoffmann, Thomas Gsponer, Matthew P Fox, Marcel Zwahlen, Matthias Egger, IeDEA Southern Africa

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:521-525

Original article

Effect of the coadministration of daclatasvir on the pharmacokinetics of a combined oral contraceptive containing ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate

Marc Bifano, Heather Sevinsky, Carey Hwang, Hamza Kandoussi, Hao Jiang, Dennis Grasela, Richard Bertz

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:511-519

Original article

Daclatasvir combined with peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin in Japanese patients infected with hepatitis C genotype 1

Namiki Izumi, Osamu Yokosuka, Norifumi Kawada, Yukio Osaki, Kazuhide Yamamoto, Michio Sata, Hiroki Ishikawa, Tomoko Ueki, Wenhua Hu, Fiona McPhee, Eric A Hughes, Hiromitsu Kumada

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:501-510

Original article

A randomized trial of daclatasvir with peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin for HCV genotype 1 infection

Fumitaka Suzuki, Joji Toyota, Kenji Ikeda, Kazuaki Chayama, Satoshi Mochida, Norio Hayashi, Hiroki Ishikawa, Hidetaka Miyagoshi, Wenhua Hu, Fiona McPhee, Eric A Hughes, Hiromitsu Kumada

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:491-499

Original article

Virological escape in HCV genotype-1-infected patients receiving daclatasvir plus ribavirin and peginterferon alfa-2a or alfa-2b

Fiona McPhee, Dennis Hernandez, Nannan Zhou, Fei Yu, Joseph Ueland, Aaron Monikowski, Kazuaki Chayama, Joji Toyota, Namiki Izumi, Osamu Yokosuka, Norifumi Kawada, Yukio Osaki, Eric A Hughes, Hideaki Watanabe, Hiroki Ishikawa, Hiromitsu Kumada

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:479-490

Original article

Treatment of hepatitis C with an interferon-based lead-in phase: a perspective from mathematical modelling

Libin Rong, Jeremie Guedj, Harel Dahari, Alan S Perelson

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:469-477

Original article

Treatment of chronic hepatitis D patients with pegylated interferon: a real-world experience

Zaigham Abbas, Mohammad S Memon, Hammad Mithani, Wasim Jafri, Saeed Hamid

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:463-468

Original article

Genetic background for development of resistance mutations within the HCV NS3 protease–helicase in direct acting antiviral naive patients

Georgios Grammatikos, Cassandra B Jabara, Monazza Q Ahmad, Eva Herrmann, Stefan Zeuzem, Christoph Welsch

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:455-461

Original article

Performance characteristics of the COBAS Ampliprep/COBAS TaqMan v2.0 and the Abbott RealTime hepatitis C assays – implications for response-guided therapy in genotype 1 infections

Ninon Taylor, Elisabeth Haschke-Becher, Richard Greil, Michael Strasser, Hannes Oberkofler

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:449-454

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