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Additional files for manuscripts published before Volume 14 Issue 6 can be found via the abstract link.

Articles published electronically ahead of print and our archive from Volume 4 Issue 1 to Volume 21 Issue 3 can be found below. Articles published earlier will be made available as soon as possible. If you require an article that cannot be found below, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Case report

Successful therapy of cyclosporin A in pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta preceded by hand, foot and mouth disease

Anna Lis-Święty, Anna Michalska-Bańkowska, Agata Zielonka-Kucharzewska, Anna Pypłacz-Gumprecht

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:273-275

Case report

Pregnancy in a renal transplant recipient with HIV-1 infection: a case report

Fernando Agüero, Frederic Cofan, Claudia Fortuny, Marta Lopez, Christian Manzardo, Montserrat Lonca, Frederic Oppenheimer, Asuncion Moreno, Josep M Campistol, Jose M Miro

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:267-271

Short communication

The 10-year effectiveness of combination antiretroviral treatment in perinatally HIV-infected children participating in Thailand’s National Access Program

Linda Aurpibul, Thanyawee Puthanakit, Tavitiya Sudjaritruk, Peninnah Oberdorfer, Tawalchaya Chotecharoentanan, Sineenart Taejaroenkul, Nongyow Wongnum, Virat Sirisanthana

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:261-265

Short communication

HIV drug resistance mutations among patients failing second-line antiretroviral therapy in Rwanda

Jean d’Amour Ndahimana, David J Riedel, Ribakare Muhayimpundu, Sabin Nsanzimana, Gad Niyibizi, Emmanuel Mutaganzwa, Augustin Mulindabigwi, Cyprien Baribwira, Athanase Kiromera, Linda L Jagodzinski, Sheila A Peel, Robert R Redfield

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:253-259

Original article

Prevalence of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance among young adults attending HIV counselling and testing clinics in Kigali, Rwanda

Mwumvaneza Mutagoma, Jean d’Amour Ndahimana, Eugenie Kayirangwa, Anicet G Dahourou, Helen Balisanga, Joshua R DeVos, David McAlister, Chunfu Yang, Silvia Bertagnolio, David J Riedel, Sabin Nsanzimana

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:247-251

Original article

The effect of physical activity on cardiometabolic health and inflammation in treated HIV infection

Sahera Dirajlal-Fargo, Allison R Webel, Chris T Longenecker, Bruce Kinley, Danielle Labbato, Abdus Sattar, Grace A McComsey

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:237-245

Original article

Effects of RNA interference therapy against herpes simplex virus type 1 encephalitis

Alexandre S da Silva, Jéssica V Raposo, Tiago C Pereira, Marcelo A Pinto, Vanessa S de Paula

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:225-235

Original article

Improvement in renal function and bone mineral density after a switch from tenofovir/emtricitabine plus ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor to raltegravir plus nevirapine: a pilot study

Leonardo Calza, Eleonora Magistrelli, Vincenzo Colangeli, Marco Borderi, Matteo Conti, Rita Mancini, Pierluigi Viale

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:217-224

Original article

Epidemiological trends among the population with chronic HCV infection in the Netherlands

Raoel Maan, Esther Toes–Zoutendijk, Bart J Veldt, Bettina E Hansen, Adriaan J van der Meer, Robert J de Knegt

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:207-215

Original article

Randomized controlled trial of the NS5A inhibitor daclatasvir plus pegylated interferon and ribavirin for HCV genotype-4 (COMMAND-4)

Christophe Hézode, Laurent Alric, Ashley Brown, Tarek Hassanein, Mario Rizzetto, Maria Buti, Marc Bourlière, Dominique Thabut, Esther Molina, Vinod Rustgi, Didier Samuel, Fiona McPhee, Zhaohui Liu, Philip D Yin, Eric Hughes, Michelle Treitel, the COMMAND-4 study team

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:195-205

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