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Additional files for manuscripts published before Volume 14 Issue 6 can be found via the abstract link.

Articles published electronically ahead of print and our archive from Volume 4 Issue 1 to Volume 20 Issue 5 can be found below. Articles published earlier will be made available as soon as possible. If you require an article that cannot be found below, please contact the Editorial Office.

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17th International Workshop on Co-morbidities and Adverse Drug Reactions in HIV

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20 Suppl 1: A1-A74

Short communication

Clinical experience with intravenous zanamivir under an Emergency IND program in the United States (2011–2014)

Kirk M Chan-Tack, Christine Kim, Alicia Moruf, Debra B Birnkrant

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:561-564

Short communication

Impact of an electronic medical record on the incidence of antiretroviral prescription errors and HIV pharmacist reconciliation on error correction among hospitalized HIV-infected patients

Rishi Batra, Jane Wolbach-Lowes, Susan Swindells, Kimberly K Scarsi, Anthony T Podany, Harlan Sayles, Uriel Sandkovsky

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:555-559

Original article

High incidence of lamivudine-resistance-associated vaccine-escape HBV mutants among HIV-coinfected patients on prolonged antiretroviral therapy

Ananya Pal, Neelakshi Sarkar, Debraj Saha, Subhashish K Guha, Bibhuti Saha, Sekhar Chakrabarti, Runu Chakravarty

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:545-554

Original article

Single-dose pharmacokinetics and safety of daclatasvir in subjects with renal function impairment

Tushar Garimella, Reena Wang, Wen-Lin Luo, Carey Hwang, Diane Sherman, Hamza Kandoussi, Thomas C Marbury, Harry Alcorn, Richard Bertz, Marc Bifano

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:535-543

Original article

Interferon lambda-3 polymorphism and response to pegylated interferon in patients with hepatitis D

Zaigham Abbas, Javed Yakoob, Muhammad A Umer, Minaam Abbas, Saeed Hamid

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:529-533

Original article

Anaemia is associated with monocyte activation in HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy

Hannah M Lipshultz, Corrilynn O Hileman, Sanjay Ahuja, Nicholas T Funderburg, Grace A McComsey

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:521-527

Original article

The ARRIBA concept: adequate resorption of ribavirin

Clara TMM de Kanter, Ludi Koning, Floor AC Berden, Jan-Christian Wasmuth, Karin JT Grintjes-Huisman, Brigitta Becker, Angela PH Colbers, Monique MB Roukens, Jürgen K Rockstroh, Joost PH Drenth, Robert J de Knegt, Anton SM Dofferhoff, David M Burger

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:515-520

Original article

Pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy of ritonavir-boosted atazanavir (300/100 mg once daily) in HIV-1-infected pregnant women

Minh P Lê, Laurent Mandelbrot, Diane Descamps, Cathia Soulié, Houria Ichou, Agnès Bourgeois-Moine, Florence Damond, Sylvie Lariven, Marc-Antoine Valantin, Roland Landman, Philippe Faucher, Roland Tubiana, Dominique Duro, Françoise Meier, Sylvie Legac, Patricia Bourse, Emmanuel Mortier, Marc Dommergues, Vincent Calvez, Sophie Matheron, Gilles Peytavin

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:507-513

Original article

Self-reported need for psychotherapy predicts interferon-induced depression in hepatitis C: stratification for interferon-free treatment

Katharina Staufer, Thomas-Matthias Scherzer, Wolfgang Miehsler, Daniel Reichhold, Christian Kienbacher, Daniela Ferenci-Förster, Michael Hagmann, Peter Ferenci, Gabriele Moser

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:501-506

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