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Antiviral Therapy publishes articles here before they are finally assigned to an issue. The articles are listed by online publication date and can be cited via a doi.
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Why is viral eradication so important in patients with HCV-related cirrhosis?

José Velosa


Original article

Renal outcomes after up to eight years of tenofovir exposure in HIV–HBV-coinfected patients

Anders Boyd, Patrick Miailhes, Caroline Lascoux-Combe, Hayette Rougier, Pierre-Marie Girard, Emmanuelle Plaisier, Karine Lacombe


Case report

Acute leg ischaemia in an HIV-infected patient receiving antiretroviral treatment

Jordi Navarro, Adrian Curran, Joaquin Burgos, Ariadna Torrella, Inma Ocaña, Vicenç Falcó, Manuel Crespo, Esteban Ribera



Short duration response-guided treatment is effective for most individuals with recent hepatitis C infection: the ATAHC II and DARE-C I studies

Marianne Martinello, Margaret Hellard, David Shaw, Kathy Petoumenos, Tanya Applegate, Jason Grebely, Barbara Yeung, Laurence Maire, David Iser, Andrew Lloyd, Alexander Thompson, Joe Sasadeusz, Paul Haber, Gregory J Dore, Gail V Matthews


Case report

Herpes virus reactivation after initiation of interferon-free antiviral agents in HIV–HCV-coinfected subjects: a new immune restoration disease?

Raffaella Marocco, Miriam Lichtner, Tiziana Tieghi, Irene Pozzetto, Claudio M Mastroianni


Original article

Combined effect of sex and age in response to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients

Jose Ramón Blanco, Inma Jarrin, Maria Jesús Pérez-Elías, Félix Gutiérrez, José Hernández-Quero, Joaquín Portilla, David Dalmau, Santiago Moreno, Victoria Hernando, CoRIS


Original article

Falls among middle-aged women in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study

Anjali Sharma, Donald R Hoover, Qiuhu Shi, Susan Holman, Michael W Plankey, Amber L Wheeler, Kathleen Weber, Michelle Floris-Moore, Hector H Bolivar, David E Vance, Wendy J Mack, Elizabeth T Golub, Marcia McDonnell Holstad, Michael T Yin



Beyond the direct costs of hepatitis C treatment: the balance between costs and ethics

Marco A Olivera-Martínez, Rinjal Brahmbhatt


Short communication

The time and cost investment required to obtain and initiate direct-acting antiviral therapy

Veronica Loy, Tamara Benyashvili, William Adams, Douglas Pavkov, Meghan O’Mahoney, Scott J Cotler



Correction: HBV genotypes and drug resistance mutations in antiretroviral treatment-naive and treatment-experienced HBV–HIV-coinfected patients

Timothy NA Archampong, Ceejay L Boyce, Margaret Lartey, Kwamena W Sagoe, Adjoa Obo-Akwa, Ernest Kenu, Jason T Blackard, Awewura Kwara


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