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Antiviral Therapy publishes articles here before they are finally assigned to an issue. The articles are listed by online publication date and can be cited via a doi.
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Mitochondrial DNA mutations in ageing and disease: implications for HIV?

Brendan AI Payne, Kristian Gardner, Patrick F Chinnery


Original article

Vitamin D time profile based on the contribution of non-genetic and genetic factors in HIV-infected individuals of European ancestry

Monia Guidi, Giuseppe Foletti, Paul McLaren, Matthias Cavassini, Andri Rauch, Philip E Tarr, Olivier Lamy, Alice Panchaud, Amalio Telenti, Chantal Csajka, Margalida Rotger, the Swiss HIV Cohort Study



Recent trends in early stage response to combination antiretroviral therapy in Australia

Hamish McManus, Jennifer F Hoy, Ian Woolley, Mark A Boyd, Mark D Kelly, Brian Mulhall, Norman J Roth, Kathy Petoumenos, Matthew G Law, the Australian HIV Observational Database


Original article

Atazanavir exposure is effective during pregnancy, regardless of tenofovir use

Angela Colbers, David Hawkins, Carmen Hidalgo-Tenorio, Marchina van der Ende, Andrea Gingelmaier, Katharina Weizsäcker, Kabamba Kabeya, Graham Taylor, Jürgen Rockstroh, John Lambert, José Moltó, Christoph Wyen, S Tariq Sadiq, Jelena Ivanovic, Carlo Giaquinto, David Burger, the PANNA network


Original article

Epidemiological and clinical features of hepatitis delta in HBsAg-positive patients by HIV status

Laura A Nicolini, Lucia Taramasso, Irene Schiavetti, Edoardo G Giannini, Andrea Beltrame, Marcello Feasi, Giovanni Cassola, Alessandro Grasso, Valentina Bartolacci, Laura Sticchi, Antonino Picciotto, Claudio Viscoli, the Ligurian Hepatitis B Virus Study Group


Case report

Management of multidrug-resistant cytomegalovirus infection in immunocompromised patients: case report of a heart-transplant recipient and review of the literature

Claire Deback, Sonia Burrel, Shaïda Varnous, Guislaine Carcelain, Françoise Conan, Zaïna Aït-Arkoub, Brigitte Autran, Iradj Gandjbakhch, Henri Agut, David Boutolleau


Original article

Switching safely: pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of switching efavirenz to maraviroc twice-daily in patients on suppressive antiretroviral therapy

Laura Waters, Akil Jackson, Laura Else, Neesha Rockwood, Sally Newell, David Back, Mark Nelson, Brian Gazzard, Marta Boffito


Original article

Progression to advanced liver fibrosis in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients and prioritization of new hepatitis C therapies

Pablo Labarga, Jose Vicente Fernández-Montero, Mariola López, Pablo Barreiro, Carmen de Mendoza, Rocío Sierra-Enguita, Ana Treviño, Vincent Soriano


Original article

Virological outcome and management of persistent low-level viraemia in HIV-1-infected patients: 11 years of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Noémie Boillat-Blanco, Katharine EA Darling, Franziska Schoni-Affolter, Danielle Vuichard, Mathieu Rougemont, Rosamaria Fulchini, Enos Bernasconi, Manel Aouri, Olivier Clerc, Hansjakob Furrer, Huldrych F Günthard, Matthias Cavassini, the Swiss HIV Cohort Study


Original article

Bioequivalence of a darunavir/cobicistat fixed-dose combination tablet versus single agents and food effect in healthy volunteers

Thomas N Kakuda, Tom Van De Casteele, Romana Petrovic, Mark Neujens, Hiba Salih, Magda Opsomer, Richard MW Hoetelmans


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