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Antiviral Therapy publishes articles here before they are finally assigned to an issue. The articles are listed by online publication date and can be cited via a doi.
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Original article

Inhibitory activity and molecular mechanism of protegrin-1 against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in vitro

Chunhe Guo, Peiqing Cong, Zuyong He, Delin Mo, Wei Zhang, Yaosheng Chen, Xiaohong Liu


Original article

Loss to follow-up in the Australian HIV Observational Database

Hamish McManus, Kathy Petoumenos, Katherine Brown, David Baker, Darren Russell, Tim Read, Don Smith, Lynne Wray, Michelle Giles, Jennifer Hoy, Andrew Carr, Matthew Law, the Australian HIV Observational Database


Original article

A randomized trial in healthy subjects to assess the bioequivalence of an atazanavir/cobicistat fixed-dose combination tablet versus administration as separate agents

Heather Sevinsky, Xiaolu Tao, Reena Wang, Palanikumar Ravindran, Karen Sims, Xiaohui Xu, Navin Jariwala, Richard Bertz


Original article

Association between first-year virological response to raltegravir and long-term outcomes in treatment-experienced patients with HIV-1 infection

Joseph J Eron, David A Cooper, Roy T Steigbigel, Bonaventura Clotet, Patrick Yeni, Kim M Strohmaier, Anthony Rodgers, Richard J Barnard, Bach-Yen T Nguyen, Hedy Teppler, the BENCHMRK Study Teams


Original article

Can antiretroviral therapy modify the clinical course of HDV infection in HIV-positive patients?

Simona Onali, Francesco Figorilli, Cinzia Balestrieri, Giancarlo Serra, Maria Conti, Rosetta Scioscia, Lucia Barca, Maria E Lai, Luchino Chessa



The clinical management of HCV in the HIV-infected patient

Brianna Norton, Susanna Naggie


Original article

Liver fibrosis progression despite HCV cure with antiviral therapy in HIV–HCV-coinfected patients

Pablo Labarga, Jose V Fernandez-Montero, Carmen de Mendoza, Pablo Barreiro, Javier Pinilla, Vincent Soriano


Original article

Post-marketing experience with nevirapine extended release (XR) tablets: effectiveness and tolerability in a population-based cohort in British Columbia, Canada

Katherine J Lepik, Benita Yip, Rachel A McGovern, Erin Ding, Adriana Nohpal, Birgit E Watson, Junine Toy, Linda Akagi, P Richard Harrigan, David M Moore, Robert S Hogg, Julio SG Montaner, Rolando Barrios



Viral resistance of MOGS-CDG patients implies a broad-spectrum strategy against acute virus infections

Jinhong Chang, Timothy M Block, Ju-Tao Guo


Short communication

Genotype F of hepatitis B: response to interferon

Mauricio Venegas, Jaime Poniachik, Francisco Fuster, Carmen Hurtado, Rodrigo A Villanueva, Javier Brahm


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