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Short communication

Prevalence in the USA of rilpivirine resistance-associated mutations in clinical samples and effects on phenotypic susceptibility to rilpivirine and etravirine

Gaston R Picchio, Laurence T Rimsky, Veerle Van Eygen, Mojgan Haddad, Laura A Napolitano, Johan Vingerhoets

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:819-823

Short communication

Limited evolution but increasing trends of primary non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor resistance mutations in therapy-naive HIV-1-infected individuals in India

Ujjwal Neogi, Soham Gupta, Riya Palchaudhuri, Shwetha D Rao, Suresh Shastri, Vishal Diwan, Ranbir S Laishram, Ayesha De Costa, Anita Shet

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:813-818

Short communication

HDL redox activity is increased in HIV-infected men in association with macrophage activation and non-calcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque

Markella V Zanni, Theodoros Kelesidis, Michael L Fitzgerald, Janet Lo, Suhny Abbara, Bryan Wai, Eleni Marmarelis, Nicholas J Hernandez, Otto O Yang, Judith S Currier, Steven K Grinspoon

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:805-811

Original article

Progression to advanced liver fibrosis in HIV–HCV-coinfected patients and prioritization of new hepatitis C therapies

Pablo Labarga, Jose V Fernández-Montero, Mariola López, Pablo Barreiro, Carmen de Mendoza, Rocío Sierra-Enguita, Ana Treviño, Vincent Soriano

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:799-803

Original article

Sodium tanshinone IIA sulfonate inhibits the meq, ul49 and VP22 expression of Marek’s disease virus

Na Sun, Xiang-Ming Cong, Jun-Bing Jiang, Jun-Xing Zhao, Wen-Kui Wang, Zhi-Bian Duan, Yuan-Liang Hu, Hai-Min Lei, Hong-Quan Li

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:793-798

Original article

Zidovudine induces visceral mitochondrial toxicity and intra-abdominal fat gain in a rodent model of lipodystrophy

Ulrich A Walker, Dirk Lebrecht, Wilfried Reichard, Janbernd Kirschner, Emmanuel Bissé, Line Iversen, Ana C Venhoff, Nils Venhoff

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:783-792

Original article

Impact of darunavir, atazanavir and lopinavir boosted with ritonavir on cultured human endothelial cells: beneficial effect of pravastatin

Martine Auclair, Pauline Afonso, Emilie Capel, Martine Caron-Debarle, Jacqueline Capeau

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:773-782

Original article

Long-term treatment with tenofovir: prevalence of kidney tubular dysfunction and its association with tenofovir plasma concentration

Marieke Ezinga, Jack FM Wetzels, Marjolein EW Bosch, André JAM van der Ven, David M Burger

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:765-771

Original article

Efficacy of entecavir in chronic hepatitis B patients with persistently normal alanine aminotransferase: randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Kuo-Chih Tseng, Chi-Yi Chen, Hung-Wen Tsai, Ting-Tsung Chang, Wan-Long Chuang, Ping-I Hsu, Wen-Chun Liu, Pin-Nan Cheng

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:755-764

Original article

Interleukin 28B genotype and insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis C patients

Elisabetta Degasperi, Luca Valenti, Alessio Aghemo, Raffaele De Francesco, Mariagrazia Rumi, Roberta Soffredini, Lorena Donnici, Cristina Cheroni, Silvia Fargion, Valeria Zanoni, Emanuela Orsi, Massimo Colombo

Antiviral Therapy 2014; 19:747-753

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