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Correction: Recent trends in early stage response to combination antiretroviral therapy in Australia

Hamish McManus, Jennifer F Hoy, Ian Woolley, Mark A Boyd, Mark D Kelly, Brian Mulhall, Norman J Roth, Kathy Petoumenos, Matthew G Law, the Australian HIV Observational Database

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:255

Case report

Management of multidrug-resistant CMV infection in immunocompromised patients: case report of a heart-transplant recipient and review of the literature

Claire Deback, Sonia Burrel, Shaïda Varnous, Guislaine Carcelain, Françoise Conan, Zaïna Aït-Arkoub, Brigitte Autran, Iradj Gandjbakhch, Henri Agut, David Boutolleau

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:249-254

Short communication

Lack of the NS5B S282T mutation in HCV isolates from liver tissue of treatment-naive patients with HCV genotype-1b infection

Sergio Maimone, Gianluca Tripodi, Cristina Musolino, Irene Cacciola, Teresa Pollicino, Giovanni Raimondo

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:245-247

Original article

Adiponectin and interleukin-6, but not adipose tissue, are associated with worse neurocognitive function in HIV-infected men

Jordan E Lake, Quynh T Vo, Lisa P Jacobson, Ned Sacktor, Eric N Miller, Wendy S Post, James T Becker, Frank J Palella, Ann Ragin, Eileen Martin, Cynthia A Munro, Todd T Brown

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:235-244

Original article

Lopinavir/ritonavir plus lamivudine and abacavir or zidovudine dose ratios for paediatric fixed-dose combinations

Naïm Bouazza, Frantz Foissac, Floris Fauchet, David Burger, Jean-René Kiechel, Jean-Marc Treluyer, Edmund V Capparelli, Marc Lallemant, Saïk Urien

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:225-233

Original article

Treatment of pegylated interferon-α2a in chronic hepatitis B patients demonstrating a spontaneous decline in HBV DNA after acute exacerbation

Qingxian Cai, Fengjuan Chen, Xiaoqiong Shao, Xiaohong Zhang, Zhixin Zhao, Zhiliang Gao

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:217-224

Original article

Cost-effectiveness of boceprevir co-administration versus pegylated interferon-α2b and ribavirin only for patients with hepatitis C genotype 1 in Singapore

Yock Young Dan, Shannon A Ferrante, Elamin H Elbasha, Tun-Ying Hsu

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:209-216

Original article

Naturally occurring dominant drug resistance mutations occur infrequently in the setting of recently acquired hepatitis C

Tanya L Applegate, Silvana Gaudieri, Anne Plauzolles, Abha Chopra, Jason Grebely, Michaela Lucas, Margaret Hellard, Fabio Luciani, Gregory J Dore, Gail V Matthews

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:199-208

Original article

Epidemiological and clinical features of hepatitis delta in HBsAg-positive patients by HIV status

Laura A Nicolini, Lucia Taramasso, Irene Schiavetti, Edoardo G Giannini, Andrea Beltrame, Marcello Feasi, Giovanni Cassola, Alessandro Grasso, Valentina Bartolacci, Laura Sticchi, Antonino Picciotto, Claudio Viscoli, the Ligurian HBV Study Group

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:193-197

Original article

Non-invasive fibrosis assessment predicts sustained virological response to telaprevir with pegylated interferon and ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C

Eiichi Ogawa, Norihiro Furusyo, Motohiro Shimizu, Takeshi Ihara, Takeo Hayashi, Yuji Harada, Kazuhiro Toyoda, Masayuki Murata, Jun Hayashi

Antiviral Therapy 2015; 20:185-192

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