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Case report

Influenza A virus infection is associated with systemic capillary leak syndrome: case report and systematic review of the literature

Adrian Sousa, Oscar Len, Laura Escolà-Vergé, Bruno Magnifico, Chema Mora, Elisabeth Papiol, Eva Revilla, Benito Almirante

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:181-183

Case report

Virological failure in two patients with HIV-1 RNA viral loads >1,000,000 copies/ml initiated on elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate

Jessica L Adams, Dana Byrne, Rosalie Pepe, Anastasia Gray, John D Baxter

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:175-180

Case report

Acute viral hepatitis presenting as cytomegalovirus, hepatitis E and Epstein–Barr virus IgM antibody positive

Qin Huang, Xin-Hua Li, Cuiyun Zhu, Jingjing Yan, Zhigang Song, Shuye Zhang, Yunwen Hu, Liang Chen, Yun Ling

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:171-173

Original article

Intracellular expression of an anti-idiotypic antibody single-chain variable fragment reduces porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection in MARC-145 cells

Qiongyi Li, Xiangpeng Wang, Chengbao Wang, Ying Yu, Gang Wang, Jiming Gao, Hongliang Liu, Huali Xie, Baicheng Huang, Zhijun Li, Ning Kong, Gaiping Zhang, Walter H Hsu, En-Min Zhou

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:161-170

Original article

Ribavirin concentration determines treatment success of first-generation DAA-based chronic HCV therapy

Clara TMM de Kanter, Maria Buti, Ralph DeMasi, Sivi Ouwerkerk-Mahadevan, Anton SM Dofferhoff, James Witek, Joost PH Drenth, Stefan Zeuzem, David M Burger

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:153-159

Original article

Pharmacokinetic drug–drug interaction study between raltegravir and citalopram

Maren I Blonk, Charlotte CA Langemeijer, Angela PH Colbers, Karin EJ Hoogtanders, Ron HN van Schaik, Bas JJW Schouwenberg, David M Burger

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:143-152

Original article

T-cell phenotype and function following a first cART regimen containing either a protease inhibitor or a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor in HIV-infected late presenters: results from a retrospective, ex vivo study

Camilla Tincati, Alessia Savoldi, E Stefania Cannizzo, Giusi M Bellistrì, Roberta Termini, Marzia Garau, Daniela Mancusi, Antonella d’Arminio Monforte, Giulia Marchetti

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:133-142

Original article

The impact of ribavirin plasma concentration on the efficacy of the interferon-sparing regimen, sofosbuvir and ribavirin

Marianne Martinello, Ana Schteinman, Maryam Alavi, Kenneth Williams, Gregory J Dore, Richard Day, Gail V Matthews

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:127-132

Original article

Vitamin D deficiency is common in HIV-infected southern Australian adults

Karen M Klassen, Christopher K Fairley, Michael G Kimlin, Jane Hocking, Liza Kelsall, Peter R Ebeling

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:117-125

Original article

The effect of recombinant human growth hormone with or without rosiglitazone on hepatic fat content in HIV-1-infected individuals: a randomized clinical trial

Donald P Kotler, Qing He, Ellen S Engelson, Jeanine B Albu, Marshall J Glesby

Antiviral Therapy 2016; 21:107-116

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